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The Mahagujarat Andolan is one of the most significant movements for the gujarat section of the state of Maharashtra. a few social extremist and krantikari were involved to get partiion from the maharashtr state.

Let’s go back to the Maha Gujarat Andolan. During British rule in India, parts of the western coast of India were under Bombay Presidency control. Bombay Presidency became a territory of British India in 1937. After independence of India in 1947, the interest for etymological states came up. Rajendra Prasad established the Linguistic Provinces Commission on June 17, 1948, to recommend an etymological redesign of the states. The commission was referred to as the “Dhar commission” because it included S. K. Dhar, a former Judge of the Allahabad High Court, J. N. Lal, a legal advisor, and Panna Lall, a former Indian Civil Service employee. “The arrangement of regions on solely or even basically etymological considerations isn’t in the larger interests of the Indian nation,” the Commission stated in its report from December 10, 1948. You might find information related to the mahagujarat andolan leader in this topic.

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According to Indulal Yagnik’s own account, Bombay state head clergyman B. G. Kher and home clergyman Morarji Desai visited Dang in May 1949. B. G. Kher communicated that tribal people of Darn conveyed in Marathi and spotlight should be on that. Dang was visited by Indulal Yagnik and others to investigate this. The Gujarati Sabha also sent a panel to look at and discuss the government’s carelessness. The advisory group found that Dang has a stronger connection to Gujarat.

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In 1948, the Mahagujarat meeting was held to bring together all people who spoke Gujarati into a single organization. This finally led to the formation of Gujarat. By 1952, Madras State had begun to pursue a separate Telugu-majority Andhra State. Potti Sreeramulu, one of the activists who wanted Andhra Pradesh, died on December 16, 1952, after dying quickly. In this vein, Andhra State was established in 1953. This sparked calls everywhere in the country for phonetic states.

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